• Share and disseminate experiences, success stories and lessons learned from researchers, business and policy makers involved in projects about information and communication technologies and mobile health in Latin America and Asia.
  • Know the research opportunities, collaboration and training in the field of mobile health to promote North-South and South-South collaboration between researchers and representatives of public and private institutions invited to the symposium


Currently, the use of IT (Information Technology) is continuously growing and causing a revolution in several fields. In Latin America, mobile phone subscriptions have surpassed land lines as the preferred means of communication, with penetration rates of circa 90%. However, the use of IT in health worldwide is still uncommon. Mobile health refers to the use of mobile phones for health applications. It seeks to improve the health of individuals and their wellbeing by controlling its physical condition. It enables connections with health services and suppliers, improves the diagnosis of medical conditions - recognizing behaviors, and delivers interventions in all the natural mobile environment of the user.